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Wildcat Band Scores Superior Ratings

Dear Wildcat Family,

  The Georgia Music Educators Association sanctions an annual symphonic band evaluation known as the Large Group Performance Evaluation (LGPE). It is the equivalent of an end of course test which happens to occur mid semester. Ensemble students are required to prepare three selections from a state pre-approved list. A panel of three judges evaluate the performance based on tone quality, intonation, style and interpretation, etc. Finally, all ensemble students are evaluated by a forth judge on their ability to perform a piece they have never seen before (sight reading). This reveals whether or not their band is teaching fundamentals and technique versus rote teaching.  The judges are chosen by the district and represent accomplished university and high school programs from around the country.

 Thursday, March 23, 2017, 40 of the best and brightest band students L.J. Price has to offer traveled to Centennial High School to perform for District V’s LGPE. All three of their stage judges gave them the highest possible rating of a Superior (I). And their sight reading judge gave them a rating of Good (III).  

 Not only did they perform beautifully, but they all looked nice and uniformed in their red polo’s and khaki pants. Their behavior was excellent and over all, they seem to have had a good experience. My hopes are that they understand the journey of what hard work and dedication to a craft leads to. I hope that they have a better grasp of delayed gratification and comradery. But my ultimate goal and hope is that they continue to build lasting memories from which they can draw upon as active members of society.

  When you see the following students, please congratulate them on their outstanding achievement in representing Price Middle School at LGPE;

8th Joylessia Homer, DeMariay Mitchell, Jaylyn Whitaker, Imoni Price, Jada Abrams, Deanna Rozier, Aaliyah Otey, Aaliyah Jefferson, Jayden Grier, Kamiria Hightower, Stephanie Castolo, Lisa Nalls, Alexis Caine, Jerald Robinson, Gregory Lyons, Andrew Howard, Ashanti Rice, Calandra White

7th Jamie Hill, Devin Clark, Enya Pizano, Montavious Lowe, Kevin Belcher, Bre’Anna Williams, Areil Wallace, Jordan Toomer, Marlyn Martinez, Corey Kelly, Justin Wallace, Jaquez Barnett, Tyqoun Hardy, Dayjanique McFavors, Bobbie Franklin, Willesha Durham

6th Antonia Newkirk, Aquantis Clemmons, Aniesha Lyons, Kayla Cahill

  Yesterday’s achievements would not have been possible without the assistance from all the grade level and connection teachers who allowed me to pull their students so that the band could rehearse fine details for the full ensemble that can’t be covered in class. Thank you to our chaperones Mr. Shakoor and Ms. Snipes who accompanied our students to and from Centennial High. Thank you to Carver High’s band director Mr. Hakim Wilder, Mr. Chris Monroe, and my father, Mr. Curtis Byrdsong for lending fresh ears as clinicians free of charge. Thank you to Champion Middle School’s, Matthew Hall, and Locust Grove High’s, Mr. Stinson, for letting us borrow much needed percussion equipment. Thank you to the alumni who donated money for supplies. And thanks to all the faculty, staff and administration for being so supportive in this endeavor.