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Healthy Schools Program
Healthy Schools Program
GHES has is a part of TheAlliance for a Healthier Generation,
founded by the
American Heart Associationand
the Clinton Foundation.

The alliance works to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity
and to empower
kids to develop lifelong,
healthy habits. It collaborates with schools,
community organizations, health care professionals and families

to transform the conditions and systems
to lead to healthier children.
As a result of this initiative, GHES has revamped the Garden and the
Greenhouse – with the assistance of the GHES Girl Scouts of
America Troop,
staff members,
and the Garden Hills community.
Did You Know?
GHES participates in the "Get Active,Get Fit" program
Partners with Whole Foods for Healthy Lunch demonstrations
Has incorporated an in class movement program ( for brain breaks.
Was awarded a $5,000 grant from Kroger to support its Health and Wellness programs
Student Wellness Ambassadors received an APS Outstanding SWA award
GHES recieved an Alliancefor a Healthier Generation – Bronze Award
Coach Johnson
Coach Tene Johnson
GHES Physical Education Educator

GHES is the only school in the  APS district to meet the standard
set forth by the Alliance of aHealthier Generation.

Congratulations Coach Johnson!