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  • WHAT IS SWAG?  The Sustainability, Wellness, and Garden Committee ("SWAG") consists of three teams that jointly deliver programming to help MES students and faculty build personal and community practices that are healthy for themselves and for their environment
    • Sustainability - focuses on practices that reduce our use of non-renewable environmental resources and increase the overall health of the Earth.
    • Wellness- provides students, staff, and caregivers opportunities to lead healthier lifestyles though increased physical activity and healthy eating.
    • Garden - enhances MES curriculum with hands-on life science and ecology experiences that expand students' knowledge of food systems and encourage healthy food choices.
    Volunteer for SWAG:  The MES Volunteer Sign up, linked here, includes a number of volunteer opportunities with SWAG initiatives!  Be sure to scroll all the way down to see all the open options!
    SWAG Newsletter:  Subscribe to the SWAG Newsletter by contacting the PTA VP SWAG. See the current newsletter here.
    Is your business interested in making an in-kind contribution to one of our SWAG Team Projects?  Join us as an In-Kind Community Partner!  See details above our 2016-17 Community Partnerships Program here.
    Fall Dine-outs Support MES Garden Program.  In partnership with the team at Murphy's, longtime supporters of MES Garden programming, SWAG is pleased to invite MES families to TWO fall dine-outs!  Gather your friends and family for dinner at Murphy's on Nov. 1st, and then reconvene at Morningside Kitchen on Nov. 15th for another fresh, healthy dinner. Murphy's and Morningside Kitchen will donate 10% of their proceeds to fund the MES Garden renovation. Look for the Morningside Garden Salad on the Murphy's menu, with produce grown by YOUR children in the MES Garden! 
    PTA VP SWAG Co-Chairs: