GO Team Members
Go Team  
Name Term Email Address Officer
Kia Anderson 2-Year  Kia.Anderson@atlanta.k12.ga.us Chairperson 
Tongelita Balom3-Year  Tongelita.Balom@atlanta.k12.ga.us Secretary 
Eric Glover  2-Year  Eric.Glover@atlanta.k12.ga.us Vice Chairperson
Nedra Hill 3-Year  Nedra.Hill@atlanta.k12.ga.us Cluster Representative 
Coty Martin  2-Year  Coty.Martin@atlanta.k12.ga.us Community Member 
Camisha Perry N/A  caperry@atlanta.k12.ga.us Principal 
 Lakee Pressley3-Year lapressley@atlanta.k12.ga.us  Instructional Staff
 Bill Selmon3-Year  Bill.Selmon@atlanta.k12.ga.us Community Member 
Laura Taylor 2-Year  lahenderson@atlanta.k12.ga.us Instructional Staff 
 Erica Wynn 2-Year ewynn@atlanta.k12.ga.us Instructional Staff 
 Meeting Schedule  
Date Location Time Public Comment Agenda
July 27, 2016  Media Center  6:00 PM No   
September 6, 2016  Media Center  6:00 PM No GO Team Agenda 9/6/16 
November 1, 2016  Media Center  6:00 PM Yes   Rescheduled to 12/6
December 6, 2016  Media Center6:00 PM Yes GO Team Agenda 12/6/16
January 24, 2017  Media Center  6:00 PM Yes   
March 7, 2017  Media Center  6:00 PM  Yes  
May 2, 2017 Media Center 6:00 PM   Yes  

Public Comment Format


Twenty minutes have been allotted for public comment at the end of the GO Team meeting agenda.

Persons wishing to comment must sign up on the meeting day.      


·       Sign-up sheets will be available from 5:30 – 5:50 pm.

·       Each speaker will be granted two minutes to make comment.

·       Persons wishing the make comment may only sign up once and may not yield to another person. 

·       The timekeeper will hold up a red card to give the speaker a 30 second warning. 

·       A timer will sound off once the two minutes has ended.  



Meeting Minutes

Draft Minutes 

Approved Minutes

GO Team Minutes 7/27/16

 GO Team Minutes 9/6/16 
 Go Team Minutes 11/1/16 Rescheduled to 12/6/16
 GO Team Minutes 12/6/16 
 GO Team Minutes 1/24/16 
GO Team Minutes 3/7/16  
GO Team Minutes 5/2/16  



For information about GO Teams and GO Team resources, please visit the District GO Team website by clicking on the picture below.